QML Services is a specialist provider of bulk logistics management services. We provide services and products to manage mining supply chains from the source to the customer. We utilise a suite of Triple Point Technology Inc. tools combined with staff expertise to provide solutions to maximise client profitability through the efficient use of their supply chain and commodity resources. Our services include:


  • Co-ordinate with clients to ensure tonnage availability for transportation
  • Liaise with client’s mine regarding rail/truck/barge programs
  • Prepare and provide to clients daily transport schedule. For instance, rail programs including rail provider and terminal weights, internal transfers and remnants
  • Liaise with clients regarding bulk material tonnage and quality availability at mine, in transit and port


  • Liaise with Port on pad and berth allocation
  • Place / transfer remnants as required
  • Tracking of commodity quality from source to customer
  • Liaison with laboratories and/or superintending companies for quality results
  • Calculation of stockpile quantity and quality balances
  • Blend planning and optimisation services to improve delivery to customer specification and obtain contract penalty/bonus efficiencies


  • Respond to ship nominations, as per clients instructions
  • Forecast and advise vessel’s ETA, ETB, ETL and ETS on a regular basis
  • Liaise with superintending company for weight and quantity determination
  • Apply for Export Declaration Number (EDN) through Customs and submit to ship’s agent
  • Submit IMO Declaration to vessel’s agent
  • Receive stowage plan from vessel then lodge with Port
  • Receive and accept NOR in accordance with sales contract
  • Monitor turn of shiploading
  • Prepare shipping forecasts
  • Prepare proforma documentation ready for release when vessel completes loading
  • Port system interaction
    –  Customer Cargo Instructions
    –  Customer Loading Instructions
    –  Stowage Plan and Loading Plan
    –  Update of ETA and tonnage requirements


QML Services acts as a documentation bureau. We can prepare, report (emailed directly or posted on our secure portal website for client retrieval) and deliver the following documentation on behalf of clients;

  • Stowage Plans
  • Statement of Facts
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Collect Certificates of Weight, Draft Survey and Quality
  • Certificate of Origin (both through Business Chamber and internally created)
  • Laytime Calculation
  • Bill of Lading
  • Other documentation as required
  • Mailing / couriering documents to clients or final customer if requested
  • Reconcile tonnages (inbound, outbound, borrows, residues) and provide vessel reconciliation report to clients
  • Maintain loans / borrows tonnage records
  • Provide relevant shipment information to Customs & Border Control


  • Developed the Coal Chain Logistics Course – aimed at educating and up-skilling people about the complexities of supply chains 


  • Provide consulting around port and mining supply chain management
  • Provide temporary staff to clients to manage increased workflow or leave coverage
  • Manage and schedule the supply chain on behalf of; mines, ports and service providers.
  • Perform duties of principal shipper when nominated
  • Organise and host port visits for client’s customers and representatives
  • Attend port meetings
  • Provide relevant supply chain information and port statistics
Coal Chain Logistics Course Information

QML Services
Coal Chain Logistics Course

QML Services
Coal Chain Logistics Course

Company Profile

Includes detailed information on our history, personnel, services and values.  

Includes detailed information on our history, personnel, services and values.