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Wednesday, 1 January 2014
Coal Chain Logistics Course - Newcastle - June 19-21, 2018 :: General  

Coal Chain Course

19-21 June, 2018 - Newcastle

The Coal Chain Logistics Course is an intensive three-day course developed as a response to the growing complexity and interdependency of the coal export environment, and is a valuable way for individuals and organisations to improve their understanding of the coal chain. By developing their knowledge of the elements within the chain, the course helps participants understand the roles, relationships and risks that are faced in the mining, transportation and export processes.

Jonathan Vandervoort, former CEO of HVCCC, has said, “The Coal Chain Logistics course is unique. It offers a practical overview of the whole system.....for people wanting to enhance their understanding of coal chain logistics.”

The course includes two days of structured classroom sessions followed by an optional full-day tour of the Hunter Valley coal chain.
The sessions focus on the following topics:

• Production
• Marketing
• Preparation, Sampling & Stockpiling
• Transportation
• Shipping
• Ports & Terminals
• Draught Survey
• Export Documentation
• Event Case Study

The course is designed to accommodate all levels of experience and expertise, and has an interactive format which allows participants to focus discussions on their particular areas of interest. Hundreds of individuals have already attended, from a diverse range of roles, including:

• Trainees & industry newcomers
• Production and processing staff
• Marketing and commercial managers
• Traders
• Infrastructure managers
• Logistics professionals
• Rail and vessel planners/schedulers
• Business analysts
• System consultants, process leaders and project managers
• Terminal managers
• Harbourmasters
• Pilots
• Port operations staff
• Ship and shipper’s agents
• Government regulators and Port State Control officers
• Industry representatives and lobbyists
• Academics

Featuring highly experienced speakers and presented in a small group format, the course is the best way for industry participants to learn the details and then apply them to the big picture. The course uses the world’s most complex coal chain, the Hunter Valley, as a case study from which lessons can be learned for all coal chains, and concludes with a Hunter Valley Coal Chain tour. Participants will visit an operating coal mine, processing plant, train load point, rail scheduling hub, coal terminal, and port operations centre. Site tours are led by experienced industry partners and help to develop the knowledge learned in classroom sessions.

Also included is an in-depth, 250-page A4 folder which covers all of the course content in more detail and includes an extensive range of images, examples, pro-forma documents and a glossary, which has been praised as a key resource for the industry.

The Coal Chain Logistics Course is scheduled throughout the year and tailored in-house courses are also available.

Please click here to download a brochure or registration form. Alternatively, contact our Training Coordinator if you would like any further information, including upcoming course dates and locations: or by phoning +61 2 4908 2290.

Coal Chain Logistics Course Information

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Coal Chain Logistics Course

QML Services
Coal Chain Logistics Course

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Includes detailed information on our history, personnel, services and values.